Why MyTurf?

“80 percent of consumers’ disposable income is spent on businesses within 10 miles of their homes” – Forbes

The Facts

  • Consumers live, work, and play within a 30 mile radius of their homes
  • 87% of US adults use the Internet
  • 43% of B2B companies acquire new customers online
  • 77% of B2C companies acquire new customers online
  • 2,750 page-views = monthly average US internet use per person

Partner Benefits

MyTurf relies on forming business relationships with industry partners.  The business model allows a win-win solution for all.

  • For Advertisers: Get premium digital inventory access  in custom-defined geographic areas we call “Turfs”
  • For Internet Providers: Get up-side advertising revenues and free private DNS with MalVertising protection services
  • For Publishers: Get diversified ad revenue above that of nationally-sold remnants with automated Geo-fence inventory filters
  • For Consumers: Consumers get more relevant deals, information and offers from merchants in their local areas

Before MyTurf…

  • Advertisers had to rely on margin-robbing Daily Deals, expensive TV ads, or unread newspapers to reach their local audiences
  • Internet providers didn’t participate in the multi-billion-dollar online display advertising ecosystem
  • Publishers were unable to diversify and monetize their remnant ad space at the community level

Really, why MyTurf?

MyTurf’s unique digital ad delivery platform brings the TV/Cable advertising model to the Internet by transforming the way digital advertising is delivered to the networks edge.  MyTurf’s unrivaled cloud-based delivery platform is the only automatic  way advertisers can precisely and reliably target the zip+4 community using specific audience attributes.  MyTurf has created a network of partners to provide specific targeting for advertisers wherever local consumers go online.

Let’s chat!

We’re happy to connect and answer any questions you have about MyTurf.  We’re up to some exciting stuff over here that’s changing internet advertising as we know it!

Demos & Trials

    • Advertisers try our free trial and get your first ad campaign free.  Our simple easy to use wizard will walk you through account set-up, choosing “Turf” locations, uploading and publishing your trial ad campaign.
    • If you are a network operator and provide Internet access it’s free to sign-up and easy to install.  Curious about the how much you can make?  Take a look at our Revenue Estimator  to see the potential earnings from the networks you manage.
    • Publishers it’s easy,  just sign-up  with MyTurf and get direct sales pricing out of your lower paying remnant inventory.



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