What We Do

MyTurf is radically changing the digital advertising world with exciting, disruptive technology.


The Short and Sweet

MyTurf makes internet ads relevant and effective with un-rivaled geo-targeting technology – allowing Advertisers and Publishers to deliver high-value ad content at a hyper-local levels.

The Story

Advertisers and Publishers realize the value of the Internet to reach their audience. Unfortunately, each has had to rely on outdated Internet advertising methods that typically have multiple levels of delivery channels and provide no way to realistically reach a specific audience.

That’s where we come in. MyTurf’s the only company uniting the geographic presence of local Internet providers with Advertisers and Publishers to deliver relevant, high-value ad content – giving them better control by directly linking to the local consumer.

People in every community connect to the Internet through a local Internet Provider (typically an ISP). MyTurf transforms the Internet provider’s “Turf” into highly-targeted, community-level advertising channels with unique “hyper-geo-targeting” technology, allowing Advertisers and Publishers (and their Affiliates) to buy advertising and run campaigns directly to the networks edge targeting consumers at the zip+4 community level.

At MyTurf, our goal is to enable the trending “Internet Broadcasting Industry” allowing ubiquitous Internet connections everywhere enabled by Internet Providers and paid for by advertising and paid content.

With MyTurf, everyone involved in Internet advertising – including consumerswin.


Let’s chat. Give us a shout so we can schedule a chat, or explore some more to learn more about our capabilities.


Try out MyTurf’s Transparent Ad Mode demonstration here to give it a whirl!


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