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The solution that connects online Advertisers directly to local Internet audiences, radically changing the digital advertising world.

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The Short and Sweet

Just like the television advertising model, where local and national advertisers can directly target  local viewing audiences, MyTurf’s unique platform turns the local Internet coverage area into advertising channels but at a fraction of the cost.  For the first time advertisers can accurately target their online advertising to specific places on nearly any web page viewed by Internet users within a given local community.

The Story

Advertisers and Publishers realize the value of the internet to reach their audience. Unfortunately, each has had to rely on outdated internet advertising methods that provide no way to realistically reach a specific audience.  People in every community connect to the internet through a local Internet provider.  MyTurf transforms Internet Provider networks into highly-targeted, community-level ad channels called Turfs with a unique Geo-targeting technology, allowing advertisers to precisely target consumers at the zip+4 community level.  MyTurf’s the only company uniting the geographic presence of local Internet Providers with advertisers and publishers to deliver the best targeting for relevant, high-value ad content – giving all parties involved better control and increased earnings.

How does MyTurf make that possible?

MyTurf’s unique AdValue™ platform consists of three main components. The first is a software solution called the “AdStreamer” used by the Internet Providers to direct advertising opportunities to the other MyTurf components.  The AdStreamer operates from within the local Internet providers network, which detects and directs online advertising and unwanted MalVertising requests from the Internet providers on-line users within Geo-targeted community.

The second is our cloud based AdManager which provides an automated bridge between Advertisers, website owners (Publishers) and Internet Providers in order to easily coordinate control of the platform including the buying, selling and Geo-targeting of advertising space at the local community level.

The Third component is our cloud based AdServer.  When instructed by both the AdStreamer and AdManager, the AdServer is responsible for understanding and carrying out the mechanics of all Ad Control specific to advertiser campaign targeting, publisher site specifics and Internet provider enabled Ad-modes.  The AdServer software is responsible for delivery of  advertiser campaigns to Geo-targeted locations and user demographics.

MyTurf’s AdValue Platform  coordinates the transactions, collects the ad revenue from the ad (buyers) and shares the ad revenue between the Internet Providers and Publishers (sellers).

For our Internet providers, MyTurf’s AdStreamer DNS is available  in a number of flexible network friendly configurations depending on the Internet providers network, size and topology.  AdStreamer is available from MyTurf  in multiple formats but most of the time installation is as easy as using our turnkey managed DNS services.

MyTurf’s AdManager component is the user interface software  for providing Advertisers, Publishers and Internet providers the ability to set-up, manage and administer the AdValue platform.  In addition, the AdManager component allows AdValue Platform users to set buy & sell orders, see and track inventory and network utilization, report revenue and campaign results, and of course, manage the AdStreamer and AdServer components to achieve their unique revenue generating objectives.

The AdManager enables Advertisers to easily:

  • Upload their ad media and campaigns
  • Choose the Geo-fenced locations (Turfs) to run their ads
  • Choose a rate package that best fits their budget
  • Publish their ads to the local Internet, track and analyze their success

And, for certain advertising modes enabled by the Internet providers, Publishers simply:

  • Register their web properties through MyTurf’s online AdManager
  • Set the remnant ad-space floor price and accept the highest bids
  • No ad order, daisy chain tracking, or invocation codes are needed!

Our cloud-based AdStreamer and AdServer technology does the rest, delivering the Advertisers Geo-targeted campaigns to specific Turfs supported by our Internet Providers and automatically calculating and reporting revenue share percentages for our registered partners.

With MyTurf, all kinds of Internet Providers will benefit. Whether your business is an Internet Service Provider (ISP),  Network Service Provider (NSP), Broadband Carrier, multi-family living, hotel, resort and event center, large or small, MyTurf’s AdValue platform can generate potential millions in new revenue for all the parties involved.

What about Internet Users?

Consumer surveys have shown that a majority of  Internet consumers are oblivious to online advertising, unless targeted or must view access advertising, most online advertising has limited relevance to the majority of consumers.   By combining specific location based, user area demographic targeting along with Publisher and area demographic information, online advertising becomes much more relevant and beneficial for the local consumer.  In fact, consumers can now see local pre-roll video offers and discounts appearing throughout their Internet targeted to what’s in their space during the session.  MyTurf’s architecture specifically allows for brand safety and ad frequency limitations.  Internet Providers can set the amount and type of advertising that runs through their networks giving their their customers a much more relevant browsing experience.

It’s so simple! With MyTurf, everyone involved in internet advertising – including consumerswin.

The lines between Internet and television have inseparably crossed and with MyTurf, Internet Providers now have the ability to partner and monetize consumer demand for simultaneous access.  MyTurf is changing the game for Internet suppliers when it comes to digital advertising.


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