Savvy marketers are fleeing traditional local advertising models to leverage the internet.

Publishers are faced with an ever-present problem: how to best handle Remnant Ad Space. By passing it off to daisy-chained ad networks, valuable digital real estate’s passed off with next-to-no profits.

With MyTurf, publishers can:

  • Make more money by serving hyper-local ads
  • Diversify ad space by giving advertisers access to local audiences
  • Deliver relevant, meaningful content to viewers


How it Works

MyTurf’s AdValue Technology Platform diversifies and monetizes remnant ad space across local communities in the US and around the world. By localizing ad content, ad space can be re-targeted at premium CPMs rather than handed off to low value, one-size-fits-all ad networks.

MyTurf’s ad delivery technology operates from within the network of a growing number of Internet Providers (ISPs & NSPs).  By linking Publishers and Internet Providers on a single platform, MyTurf enables Advertisers to gain unprecedented access to geographically and demographically targeted internet subscribers at a hyper-local level. Publishers can gain premium revenues by offering their direct advertisers Hyper-Target capability as well.

Conquer Your Turf

With MyTurf, publishers can generate ad revenue from premium paid  local campaigns! MyTurf lets publishers know the exact geographic locations ads are delivered diversifying  their delivery by valuable Geo-zones – helping them set floor pricing at optimum levels. Now more than ever, publishers can optimize their remnant ad space to generate higher CPMs from advertisers interested in hyper-targeting.

Only with MyTurf can advertisers have a powerful brand voice, offer relevant ads or deals, and be seen on targeted local sites. As a publisher, are you ready to transform your low-revenue-generating ad space into premium online real estate?

Learn more about MyTurf: FAQ | For Advertisers



Get in touch to ask questions or get started. Monetizing remnant ad space at the local level’s easy and profitable!


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