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What’s an AdStreamer?

The AdStreamer™ is a technology platform used by Internet Providers  to enable “Ad-Control” into existing or new Internet networks. It is one component of the overall Myturf “AdValue” platform used by Advertisers and  Publishers to enable advertising on your managed or private networks. If you are an Internet Service Provider, Wireless Provider, Cable Operator, Broadband Carrier or if you Manage Internet services for others, the first step is to determine which AdStreamer technology  fits your business the best and give it a try.

MyTurf provides qualified partners with a free AdStreamer usage license to enable “Ad-Control” on your network.  The information below will help you determine the best solution for your network.

It’s easy for  Internet providers to get started; simply sign-up using the online Set-Up wizard and walk through the set-up options to enable your  first location. Next, Set-up and enable additional locations and watch the revenue build daily every time you log into your MyTurf on-line account.

The AdStreamer can be installed using one of these two solutions.

• MyTurf’s AdStreamer DNS service (AdStreamerDNS) – Simply use our primary and secondary DNS addresses to resolve DNS traffic and enable Ad-Control.

• MyTurf’s software VM (AdStreamerVM) – Simply download and install the VM technology on your own Network-Servers for local installation.

MyTurf Internet Provider Partners are also licensed to use the entire AdValue  Ad delivery platform. Just sign up for an advertiser account using your MyTurf user ID and password to enable your own advertising promotions and messaging.

Differences Between AdStreamer Components

There are many different types of networks that can use MyTurf’s AdStreamer software. Some network topologies like those in Hotels, Apartments, Event Centers and Airports  may use authentication gateways or hotspot authentication in their routers to connect to the internet.  In these topologies where third party broadband suppliers or carriers provide Internet, the AdStreamerDNS solution is the best way to go.  Simply sign-up for an account and set your primary and secondary DNS settings to the DNS addresses issued during sign-up. In your MyTurf admin control panel click on “manage locations” and set the public IP address (or IP range) for that locations router or gateway.

MyTurf hosts it’s AdStreamerDNS technology with multiple cloud suppliers to support all types and classes of Internet providers.  Our AdStreamerDNS services are secure, redundant and provide private DNS look-up services to our qualified Internet provider partners. MyTurf’s  AdStreamerDNS set-up is as easy as changing the DNS IP’s your gear hands out to users.

Other topologies may also benefit by using MyTurf’s  AdStreamerDNS services.  It’s really the easy way to get started.

For Partners that control their own broadband and have Network Operations Centers or multiple broadband distribution points,  MyTurf supplies the downloadable  AdStreamerVM software solution. The AdStreamerVM installs locally on your network and requires that you point your HTTP traffic to the VM, most HTTP traffic is passed back transparently, only the traffic subject to Ad-Control is redirected out to MyTurf’s AdValue Platform in the cloud.

ISP’s, MSO’s and Carriers that supply and manage their own broadband can download the AdStreamerVM software for free and install on their Hypervisor enabled network servers. The AdStreamerVM software is a very light-weight application and scales to any number of Internet users.

MyTurf also provides customized AdStreamer software for special customer configurations. We would love to hear more about your ideas for Ad-Control in your network!

Selecting Ad Modes

Once installed, when a user on the network clicks on a URL the AdStreamer goes into action working with the different browsers to determine if there exists an opportunity to Advertise. The AdStreamer supports different advertising modes including text search (PPC), display ads (CPM), Lead Generation (CPA), Video advertising (CPM) and even “Ads Off” in both “Transparent” and “Interstitial” modes of operation. Internet Providers choose between which ad-modes work best for delivery quality and which ad-modes generate the most profit (AdValue) from their private networks.

Browser Based Advertising

When the user enters a new browser page, MyTurf’s technology acts like a supply side platform serving ad inventory for advertisers that purchase and upload campaigns through the MyTurf AdManager tools. MyTurf works with Advertisers, Ad Networks, Publishers and, of course, Internet providers to optimize revenues for all parties. Advertisers love to target their campaigns! You can help open doors for local merchants and national business by allowing advertisers to launch campaigns and target (Hyper-Local) right down to very specific networked locations.


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