Why partner with MyTurf?

Partners form a vital part of the MyTurf community. Our partners are the heart and sole of what makes our platform work.  Each partner plays an important role for MyTurf to enable a new kind of Online Advertising ecosystem.

Who partners?


Myturf offers Internet Providers, Advertisers, Publishers and OEMs a complete and unified technology platform to deliver geo-targeted online display advertising to millions of online users at the hyper-local community level.

But, why Internet Provider Partners?

We understand the challenges Internet Providers face in balancing subscriber demands for greater bandwidth, with the need to develop alternative incremental sources of revenue while maintaining the quality of service their customers expect.  By capitalizing on their geographic coverage footprint, Internet Providers offer a unique capability to local and national advertisers of unparalleled geo-targeted access to thousands of hyper local communities.

For local Advertisers in these communities and national advertisers that want to reach the local community audience, MyTurf’s AdValue™ technology platform opens new advertising channels never before available to reach just the people they care about; people within a targeted radius of their business service area.

For Publishers, AdValue delivers incredible new opportunities to diversify and monetize remnant ad space across thousands of local communities in the US and around the world. By expanding their advertiser revenue base to geo-targeted community levels, ad space can be re-targeted at premium CPM rather than handed off to low value one -size-fits-all ad networks.

Finally, for the all-important online consumer, the benefits include relevant and meaningful advertising from businesses in their community without privacy invasive technologies in use today. MyTurf’s AdValue platform simply delivers a high quality, greater value, transparent and privacy enhanced user experience.

That’s why we created the AdValue™ Platform!

Until the release of MyTurf’s AdValue Platform, advertisers, Internet providers and publishers were unable to combine their objectives in a manner that addresses their unique challenges in a cost efficient, pervasive, scalable and symbiotic approach.

Imagine advertisers being able to reach Internet shoppers at the point of sale with discounts and offers based on Geo-targeting directly at the networks edge.  Local Radio, Television, Cable, newspapers (Content Publishers) all know that if you want advertising to pay the bills make sure you get to shoppers where they live, work and play within 30 miles of their homes.  Historically online advertisers and web-publishers have a hard time getting real hyper-local, well, after-all it is the world-wide-web we’re talking about.

Internet providers provide the perfect Internet channels to reach the local community directly at the networks edge, right down to the building, park, event center, retail outlet -or you name it, pretty much everywhere.


MyTurf’s AdValue Partners are the backbone to meet all of these challenges. Contact us today and connect into a new kind of revenue stream.