MyTurf for OEM Partners

Online consumers prove overwhelmingly that relevant information about local merchants is what they demand and respond to.

MyTurf delivers that information easier than ever before with AdStreamer™, a solution installed in ISP networks to meet consumer and advertiser demand for geo-targeted online advertising.

Many of our customers have expressed a desire for a simpler, faster way to acquire our AdValue solution – preferably as a feature of the network gear they use every day. That’s why we’ve created the  AdStreamer™ firmware solution for OEM partners.

Now OEMs can integrate AdValue as a product feature option within the network hardware they sell.


  • OEMs can now capitalize on the rapidly expanding Geo-targetedl advertising marketplace as well as provide added value to their customers.
  • MyTurf’s AdStreamer firmware solution for OEMs easily integrates into carrier grade routers, gateways, and other network hardware as a product feature that can be activated by the broadband provider.
  • MyTurf offers attractive software licensing to help OEMs participate in this rapidly growing market.
  • MyTurf provides the end-to-end advertising solution so OEMs can focus on what they do best.


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