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Control the Ads in your networks, Keep ad dollars in your pocket and help Advertisers reach users with smarter, cleaner advertising.



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Internet Providers – Stake your claim to a portion of the $80 billion a year online advertising industry!

Our cloud based technology installs in just minutes providing a great selection of ad-control features to fit your network.  We specialize in providing you up-side profits through our Media Network of advertiser affiliates all while keeping you in control of the advertising bandwidth used on your own network.


How Does AdValue Work?

MyTurf’s AdValue platform brings the TV advertising model to the Internet by enabling your free or paid networks to display unique,  highly-targeted, ad-safe, community-level Internet advertising.

  • Sign-up as a MyTurf Internet Provider and participate in the $60B online advertising ecosystem.
  • Set up Advertising Locations by specifying public IP ranges and area demographics for each location.
  • Decide the level of malware protection, DNS services, content filtering  and Ad blocking services you want to deploy through your account interface.
  • Configure your  DNS  to select the advertising and malware protection levels specific to your own network configuration.
  • Your users will see un-obtrusive relevant ads, clean pages and faster load times, not to mention better protection from malware and MalVertising viruses.
  • Advertisers from our media network will choose your service areas (Turfs) for their National or Local campaigns.
  • Get the most $$ out of your Turf!

Why MyTurf Media Network?

MyTurf makes it possible for you to monetize the AdValue of your network through our MyTurf Media Network (MMN) advertising sponsors.  Learn more about how to put our AdValue Monetization Formula to work for you! 

  • You can  earn profit by selling ad supply to our MMN advertising partners.
  • Ads enabled on your Turf will traverse our quality and control filters to meet quality and control standards prior to being sold  on the MMN.
  • The Ad modes you select determine how ads traverse your network.  Ads may be blocked, re-targeted into Safe-ads or automatically optimized for best view quality and pricing.
  • To help optimize your earnings, ads purchased are reported daily showing your estimated earnings and analytics for  each location on your network.
  • Want to make even more earnings? Join our MMN and become an ad sales affiliate on the MMN.  Make commissions from every ad package you sell.

How Do Ad Dollars Flow?

What would it mean if advertisers would willingly spend their advertising budgets in your network? As a Internet provider, empowering advertisers with pinpoint demographic targeting can be  a huge win for advertisers and for you.

  • MyTurf supplies you with free services for everything you need from malware protection to private DNS to ad Control features to automatic payments enabling you to Create an Account and clean up ad serving today.
  • Once enabled, the AdValue platform automatically examines your traffic for advertising opportunities and then puts those opportunities up for bids or direct buys.
  • When Advertisers buy your ad traffic   MyTurf will cut you in on the Ad revenue each and every month.
  • Publishers get paid through micro-payments even when ads are set to “blocked”  to keep publishers content out of pay-walls and flowing freely.
  • Your subscribers will like it and see cleaner, faster loading pages along with  more relevant ads that drive higher subscription take-up rates.


In most cases we can get you an account and your network enabled in less than 10 minutes.


Our Monetization Formula is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to make more revenues from your IT networks. It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, from simple installation to profit optimization.

“Get Behind-the-scenes strategies to best Optimize Web Performance, improve QoS and increase subscriber base!”
“Learn the secrets of how you can capture a piece of the $80-Billion Online Advertising Industry!”


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