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MyTurf  provides technology and services to our network provider partners to improve monetization and quality of service for their Internet subscribers. Network Operators,  IT managers, Property Owners,  WiFi providers and just about any business that supplies Internet will benefit from using our technology.  We provide a cleaner, faster and safer end user experience and provide upside profits to your business while we do it!  Our technology platform installs in just minutes providing a great selection of ad-control features to fit your network.  We specialize providing you up-side profits through our MyTurf Media Network of advertiser affiliates and allow you to control most all of the advertising on your network.   Sign-up here and stake your claim to a portion of the $60 billion a year online advertising industry?



Watch this short video to see how!

How it works?

MyTurf’s AdValue™ delivery platform brings the TV advertising model to the internet – transforming your networks into unique, highly-targeted, community-level advertising channels.

  • Sign-up as a MyTurf Internet Provider and participate in the $40B online advertising ecosystem.
  • Give Advertisers Access by installing MyTurf’s AdStreamer™ product options for any size network.
  • Gain control of the advertising bandwidth consumption on your networks, chose your advertising modes and delivery attributes for best user experience and profit.
  • Your users see relevant ads about the community with money saving offers!
  • Let advertisers choose your service areas for their National or Local ad campaigns.
  • Get the most $$ out of your Turf, Signup here!

How it Installs?

Only MyTurf makes it possible for advertisers to buy hyper-locally targeted Internet advertising on your TURF.  Our Internet Provider partners allow Advertisers to gain access by enabling one of our flexible AdStreamer™ options for any size network.

  • MyTurf’s AdStreamerDNS™ hosted services in the Cloud provides secure DNS services allowing simple & fast installation. Just point your primary & secondary DNS  to enable advertiser access.
  • For ultimate scalability, MyTurf’s AdStreamerVM™ software installs on most Hypervisor based servers. TurfemVM is a down-loadable install for easy setup.
  • Contact Sales for OEM licensing or custom installation pricing.

How the $$’s Flow?

What would it mean to your profit margins if advertisers would willingly spend their advertising budgets in your network? As a Internet provider, empowering advertisers with pinpoint demographic targeting is a huge win for the advertiser and for you.

  • MyTurf supplies you with everything you need from free downloads and support to automatic payment services enabling you to sign-up & start serving ads today.
  • Based on your networks advertising value; i.e. selected Ad-modes, Audience size, number  of locations enabled and local demographics, advertisers will buy advertising through MyTurf (Myturf Ad Exchange) for delivery within your networks.
  • Qualified Internet Provider Partners set-up advertising locations and enable various ad-modes to best optimize user quality of services and paid ad revenue share.
  • Internet Provider Partners can track profits and will receive Net Advertising revenues paid monthly.


Sign-Up Here! In most cases we can get your networks enabled in less than an hour. Let’s chat about how to connect your network to the advertising revenue stream. Want more information? Check out our products page for Internet providers.

Try our Revenue Estimator

Curious about what the “AdValue” of your network is? Try out MyTurf’s Revenue Estimator and size your Money Making Potential!

Note: –  Revenue Estimator is estimate only, your mileage may vary!

What are “Ad Modes” anyway?

Take a look at the canned demos of the different types of ad modes you can enable within your networks.  Or, walk through a trial AdStreamerDNS demo here.  To enable your first trial location sign-up here and start getting paid.

Got More Questions?

Take a look at our FAQ for Internet Providers or just give us a shout here.



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