• What’s MyTurf?

    MyTurf’s quickly becoming the backbone for the digital advertising supply chain. We’ve built a unique ad-serving platform that generates revenue for Internet Providers by uniting them with Advertisers and Publishers.


      • How do Advertisers buy campaigns on our network?

        Advertisers simply sign-up, purchase ad packages from our store, upload campaign media, set campaign attributes (like run times and segment demographics) then publish campaigns to any number of selected “Turfs”.   The process is simple and dynamic allowing advertisers to create, locate, track and change  campaigns in real time.

      • What’s a Turf Anyway?

        A turf is a type of location with inherent specific demographics that are good for advertisers because they identify specific types of advertising targets, like; Student Housing, Hospitals, Retail Centers, Office Parks, Multi-Family Housing and more.

      • How do I advertise in a Turf?

        Simply select a Turf map and your zone location(s) and buy an ad package to publish your uploaded ads.

      • I run a local marketing firm with local business customers, how do I run campaigns for my clients?

        MyTurf has the perfect solution for you! Start by signing up for a simple MyTurf advertiser account, contact us at sales@myturfads.com along with a request to become a “Sales Affiliate”. After qualification, your advertiser account will be upgraded to “Affiliate”  allowing you to create advertiser sub-accounts for each your clients. As an Affiliate, you can create custom campaigns for your clients at wholesale CPM pricing, then resell at MSRP CPM.  Or, let your clients buy directly from your “Affiliate Store” and manage their own campaigns. Either way you make great affiliate sales commissions simply by making MyTurf your local advertising exchange partner.

      • How do I know my ads are published?

        Your MyTurf portal has reports and live views showing the number of ads displayed per enabled location. You can even adjust daily caps and time slots for your advertisements!

      • Why is the MyTurf System a better way for advertisers to advertise?

        Advertisers are always looking for the most effective targeting for their ad campaigns.  MyTurf’s Transparent advertising cuts out the ad network daisy chains by using both web-site demographic and Internet provider information sending your ad campaigns directly to the networks edge.   MyTurf’s AdValue platform allows advertisers another distribution channel (to augment  their conventional .com channels)  for running ad campaigns that are brand-safe and transparent.  By eliminating the daisy-chain confusion, the platform keeps advertisers from wondering exactly where and when ads are being delivered to their targeted audience.

      • How does MyTurf help local advertisers advertise?

        For the first time local advertisers can run digital campaigns using display banners or digital video commercials directly in proximity of their businesses. This coverage pulls in local community dollars while keeping the advertising costs low. Local businesses can take back control of their coupons and offers using a digital distribution channel that doesn’t cost them 50% of their already thin margins.

      • How does MyTurf help big-box and national brand advertisers?

        MyTurf’s AdValue platform helps brands target  within proximity of their brick and mortar outlets by supplying ads directly to specific audiences without the cost and complexity of conventional local advertising channels. Because AdValue enables dynamic real-time messaging directly to the networks edge, brands can easily modify and run campaigns selling excess inventory locally, all from a central marketing location.

      • What type of ad copy does MyTurf support?

        MyTurf’s AdValue Platform is designed to let Web-Publishers and Internet providers set the display attributes allowing for optimized speed and high quality advertising delivery. In most locations Advertisers can  independently run video, text search, display and contextual ad units with full transparency, brand-safety and placement attributes.



Internet Providers

      • What’s the bottom line for the Internet provider?

        Revenue, plain and simple.  When an advertiser creates an advertising campaign in the local market, we share ad revenue with the internet provider. Internet providers are critical elements to the online advertising ecosystem – and until MyTurf, providers lacked the ability to participate in the $50 billion dollar market of online adverting. MyTurf makes local networks discoverable to advertisers, giving them the ability to reach hyper-local communities with their brand.

        Coverage area, demographic value, and local merchant population are all things to consider when it comes to amount of revenue generated in the local network. MyTurf has several advertising packages available for direct advertisers ranging from $250 to $5,000 and more depending on their requirements. We provide a share of those dollars with the internet provider.

      • How do we track advertising dollars?

        MyTurf provides a web-based reporting suite with robust analytics, letting our partners watch and track money flows online as they happen.

      • Do I have control over the types and frequency of advertising on my network?

        Yes, MyTurf’s AdValue Platform is designed to let web publishers and Internet providers set the display attributes for publications and networks alike allowing optimized speed and high quality campaign delivery. In most locations Internet providers can independently enable interstitial video ads, text search ads, Malware Safe ads, display and contextual banner ads or, allow the myturf system to automatically optimize for best payback and ad-safety. MyTurf leaves it up to the Internet provider to decide what types of advertising they enable on their networks based on the type of networks supplied and their end user terms-of-service agreements. For example, if they offer free-wireless at the networks edge, they may opt to allow both transparent & interstitial ad units. Or, if Internet providers offer tiers of paid services, they may opt to only turn on safe non-programmatic advertising units.

      • How do we get the platform installed in our network?

        In most cases sign-up and installation  is done directly through our Sign-Up process.  Network operators can be enabled in a matter of minutes without risk or interruption to normal network operations.  In most cases it’s as easy as changing your DNS pointers to MyTurf’s private array of DNS servers.  If you provide your own DNS via your own DNS servers we have a few simple configurations to integrate our managed services through DNS forwarding and/or Zone file updates.  For network operators that have programming capability, MyTurf provides open API’s that automatically keep the configurations up to date even as new advertising  locations are added or removed.  Give us a shot if you have any questions and one of our team members will be more than happy to pick the option that works best for you.

      • I’ve got a number of free WiFi Locations that use Google DNS (i.e., How do I enable MyTurf in these locations?

        Our sign-up wizard will walk you through setting up your Internet Provider account to install your first location and establish your Primary and Secondary DNS addresses.  After finishing the wizard, just re-configure your router(s), gateway(s) or AP device(s)  to hand out provided MyTurf DNS addresses. Once you sucessfully set up your first location, additional locations are easily enabled by selecting “Manage Locations” and “Create a new location”.  Once enabled, you can view live ad traffic by selecting  “Reports” and “Live Locations” to show up to the minute ad traffic running in each location.

      • I run Linux BIND on my own DNS servers, how does MyTurf install?

        MyTurf has a Linux Bind DNS installation and configuration guide outlining the configuration requirements. For Linux we use the Bind RPZ (Request Policy Zone) feature to automatically request and update DNS configuration files from our RPZ configuration server.  To enable the secure handshake between your BIND DNS server and our RPZ configuration server we will need to configure our servers to accept the IP address of your DNS server.  Please email support@myturfads.com and include your DNS server IP when configuring bind RPZ, or contact support anytime if you have questions.

      • What is MalVertising and how does MyTurf protect my network from it?

        MalVertising stands for “Malware in Advertising”.  According to the 2014 Cisco report on Internet security, MalVertising is now the second most likely way of picking up a computer virus.   It doesn’t even require clicking on an ad anymore, just loading a bad ad can cause an attack.  MyTurf provides MalVertising protection by re-targeting Open 3erd party programmatic ads with safe non-programmatic or filtered ads.  In addition to MalVertising protection, MyTurf also provides five categories of free content filtering for our Internet Provider partners.

      • What makes MyTurf Different from other ad monetization platforms?

        Unlike one size fits all “walled garden” ad services where ads are limited to session initiation and authentication pages, which offer only limited advertising capabilities, our platform provides the Internet provider more monetization by controlling ad campaigns over all the pages of an interactive session.

      • What does MyTurf charge?

        Most of the time we license the use of our AdValue software platform without any provider charges.  This no-charge license also provides our partners with a number of  managed services like dedicated DNS resolvers, selectable malvertising, malware and spam protection as well as phishing, adult and pornography site filtering.    We work with each network operator to determine the most optimal solution based on topology and subscriber demographics. Get in touch with us to discuss your network. We only make money when you make money!




      • How does MyTurf work with web site publishers? What’s in it for them?

        Our AdValue platform makes it possible for publishers to improve CPM’s normally associated with remnant inventory.  We do this by automatically improving the value with our ability to reliably target down to the Zip+4 level.  We help publishers provide specific “Turfs” that have specific “audiences” and allow them to provide inventory in combination with their web-site demographics.  The combinations of specific targeting earns higher CPM because advertisers pay premiums well above remnant levels and these premiums are then shared with our publisher partners.

      • Can we use the platform for our direct advertisers?

        Yes, with the MyTurf AdValue Platform you can now get even higher returns from your remnant inventory by giving advertisers automatic local targeting capability.   You can now offer Zip+4 and specific audience targeting to complement your demographic enhancing the value of your inventory and increasing both your CPM and inventory value. MyTurf’s AdValue platform allows you to diversify low paying remnant ad space giving advertisers more choices.  In short, we turn remnant inventory into direct sales for advertisers that want to reach hyper-local Geo-targets with specific demographics.  The smaller the defined targeting the higher the revenue per inventory!

      • What about our subscribers?  What can they expect?

        Your subscribers experience will not change, except that they’ll see local ads that are geographically relevant and meaningful. Your audience can now see more local, relevant advertising on your pages yielding more interest and page views.  Users don’t need to get spam email from daily deals and offers, offers can be displayed directly in local areas just like the local newspapers and broadcasters have done for years.

      • How does MyTurf help me with direct local advertising on my site?

        MyTurf is continuously expanding its network of local ad sales affiliates that sell locally for you! Your Local CPM earnings may not be as high as your direct sales but they are a heck of a lot better than the remnant CPM for sure. It’s because even after local affiliate sales commissions you can get premium earnings from local offers, coupons and deals when local merchants advertise on your sites and put their deals directly into your publication segment. MyTurf’s AdValue platform automatically redirects local advertising dollars to your publications in smaller but well defined targeted audience segments and defined geo-targeted areas.

      • Does MyTurf provide publishers an RTB interface for programmatic buying?

        Yes, Please sign-up with MyTurf as a publisher partner and ask your MyTurf account manager for our RTB-API specific invocation code that includes TURF-TAG parameters for Hyper-local demographics. Your RTB inventory will carry specific Zip+4 targets, turf-type and user demographic information used by premium programmatic inventory buyers.

      • How does a Publisher sign-up with MyTurf for premium payments?

        Simple,  here is the publishers sign-up link.




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