• What’s MyTurf?

    MyTurf’s quickly becoming the backbone for the digital advertising supply chain. We’ve built the only ad-serving platform that generates revenue for Internet Providers by uniting them with Advertisers and Publishers.


  • How does MyTurf work with web site publishers? What’s in it for them?

    Our AdExchange platform makes it possible for publishers to monetize and diversify their remnant ad space across potentially thousands of local communities. The platform does not require the publisher to add invocation code their pages in order to get paid, they simply register their domains in the AdExchange. Within the AdExchange, publishers can set the floor pricing for their ad space at the local levels, giving advertisers an opportunity to bid according to their advertising requirements and budgets.

  • Can we use the platform for our direct advertisers?

    Yes, with the MyTurf AdValue Platform you can now get even higher returns from your remnant inventory by giving advertisers local targeting. You can now offer regions, places, and events to your advertisers to diversify your offerings giving advertisers more choices. As a publisher you can use turn remnant inventory into direct sales for advertisers that want to reach local demographics. The smaller the defined targeting the higher the revenue per inventory!

  • What about our subscribers? What can they expect?

    Your subscribers experience will not change, except that they’ll see local ads that are geographically relevant and meaningful. Your audience can now see more local, relevant advertising on your pages yielding more interest and page views. Users don’t need to get spam email from daily deals and offers, offers can be displayed directly in local areas just like the local newspapers and broadcasters have done for years.

  • How does a Publisher sign-up for payments?

    Simple, here is the publishers sign-up link.




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