How it Works for Advertisers

MyTurf’s Ad Technolgy platform serves your ads to websites viewed by people in a geographic area of your choice. Your ads are shown in available ad space giving you direct, un-parallelled access to internet users at a hyper-local level.

Conquer Your Turf

We allow you to maximize your display ad success in ways never seen before. Some examples:

  • Are you a national advertiser wanting to launch customized ads at the local level?
    We can make it happen!
  • Are you a local business looking to reach everyone within a few miles of your business?
    Stop relying on Daily Deal sites that consume precious margins.
  • Are you a restaurant in Portland or downtown San Francisco?
    Oh yeah, we’re there too, targeting hungry internet users nearby between 4 and 10pm.
  • Are you an automotive dealer in Austin?
    Your brand can be on the top 25 websites viewed by folks in the Austin metro area!

What’s a Turf Anyway?

A turf is a type of location with inherent specific demographics  that are good for advertisers, like; Student Housing, Hospitals, Retail Centers and Office Parks.

How do I advertise in a Turf?

Simply select a Turf map and your zone location(s) and buy an ad package to publish your uploaded ads.

How do I know my ads are published?

Your MyTurf portal has reports and live views showing the number of ads displayed per enabled location. You can even adjust daily caps and time slots for your advertisements!

Advertise On Your Turf!

A Turf is a specific geographic or demographic perspective you would like to target. By selecting certain Turfs you enable zones in which we display your Ad campaign.  Here is the list of regional coverages:

This Map shows an example of Turfs that advertise to consumers in Retail, Residential and Office building locations near Car dealerships in Austin, Texas

Give it a try!

Try out MyTurf’s solution here to give it a whirl! As they say in Austin, “give us a holler” so we can schedule a chat! We’re changing the online advertising business in a huge way – helping advertisers work with internet providers and publishers to share success and boost revenue.



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