Conquer Your Turf


MyTurf is radically changing the online display advertising world with unrivaled geo-targeting technology.


     We Guarantee Local Placement of your ads in a regional area of your choice.

     “MyTurf is like Video Broadcast Advertising for the Internet”

Build Smarter Campaigns

Advertisers – You’ve already got intelligent data – use it to strategically geo-target demographics and create relevant effective campaigns that target users directly at the networks edge.
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Build Local Web Channels

Publishers – We turn low-paying remnant ad space into high-paying real estate, displaying local ads on websites viewed in custom-defined Geo-fenced areas. Optimize your web properties ROI with local targeting.
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Providers Allow Ad Access


Internet Providers – Increase your ROI and protect your networks from MalVertising Viruses. Build communities and enhance local relationships by delivering ad channels for businesses in your area – give Advertisers access to prime local digital real estate.
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